8 Must-Have Assets to Include In Your Press Kit

Jul 1, 2021News

Do you have a press kit available on your website or in an easily shareable location like Dropbox or Google Drive? If not, you could be missing out on major PR opportunities for your brand. 

A press kit (also sometimes called an Electronic Press Kit or an EPK in the digital era) is one of the essential tools in public relations. It’s a comprehensive digital file or folder containing key information about your brand to help tell your story. And public relations is all about telling stories

Press kits are traditionally prepared for the media, providing quick and easy access to all the resources a journalist needs to craft a story about your brand. But a well-curated press kit is also useful for other PR initiatives, like seeking strategic sponsorships and partnerships or promoting a new product.

Before creating or updating your press kit, it’s helpful to better understand how it will benefit you and what exactly you should include. 

Why Have a Press Kit? 

A good press kit makes life easier for both the people telling a brand’s story and the brand whose story is being told. You’ll benefit from a press kit directly in these concrete ways: 

  • Saving time. Time is precious in the world of media and PR. You don’t have enough of it. Neither does the journalist writing the article about your CFO or the organization that needs your logo to include in upcoming event collateral. With a press kit, you have all your essential assets and information on hand and never have to waste time reformatting an image or pulling together a last-minute one-pager.
  • Securing new opportunities. When it comes to promoting your brand and telling your story, you can’t afford to miss out on any opportunities. If a media contact can’t easily find what they need (a high-resolution image, a logo, a boilerplate description), they may pass on your story or run it without the right assets. On the other hand, if you make it easy for them to get what they need, they’ll be more likely to contact you again for new opportunities.
  • Ensuring quality and consistency. What you put into the world is a direct reflection of your brand. A low-quality image, an outdated logo, or an inaccurate product description can have serious repercussions. A press kit puts you in total control of the branding, messaging, and assets that journalists, event promoters, and strategic partners will use—and makes sure those assets are the best possible representation of your organization. 

8 Assets to Include in Your Press Kit


Wondering what to include in your press kit? A press kit should be comprehensive. It should include any information the media or the organization you’re doing business with might need to tell a story about your brand.

I recommend conducting a collateral audit of all the assets you have to offer and compiling everything into one file or folder. This list should give you a good starting point for what to include: 

    1. Up-to-date logos 
    2. High-resolution images, including headshots of top executives and/or photos of staff in the field or at a particular event
    3. High-quality videos about your company and what they do 
    4. Information about your company, including a boilerplate description and/or a timeline of company history 
    5. Sell sheets with product photos, features, and specifications for the product(s) you’re promoting
    6. Flyers detailing different services or programs your company offers 
    7. Contact information directing people to a designated media contact 
    8. A list of top clients and references 

Be sure to save any document files in PDF format. PDFs are easy to view and, more importantly, difficult for anyone to accidentally edit. Images can be saved in a number of high-resolution formats (.eps, .png, .jpeg)

If you’re comfortable putting your press kit on your website, that’s a great place to keep it. If not, add it to a folder in Dropbox or Google Drive that’s easy to link people to.

Whether you have a stellar press kit already or you’re just now considering putting one together, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. Let’s chat about how I can help you increase visibility and grow market share for your brand.