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Tara helps clients increase their visibility and grow market
share using a variety of strategic communications tools

Client Communications

Evaluating existing communications strategy and improving the plan. Driving effective employee communications.



Content Creation Services

Developing an impactful digital presence through website content creation and project management.


Crisis Messaging & Support

Planning and preparing pre-crisis materials; Navigating the minefields of effective communication during a crisis.


Employee Communications

Enhancing the quality of client communications. Preparing companies for expansions, mergers or acquisitions.


Media Relations

Securing coverage in global, national, trade, and regional media outlets.


Social Engagement

Activating client audiences through social media storytelling. Engaging influencers and celebrities to amplify brand story, improve visibility and engage donors.


Special Event Management & Publicity

Planning, publicizing, and overseeing special events for companies and nonprofit organizations


Thought Leadership & Positioning

Bringing 20+ years of relationship-driven expertise to grow companies from planning to execution.


Relationship Driven Impact

Crisis Interception

On-demand crisis planning, counsel, support & execution

In 2017, Tara founded her second company, Crisis Interception with business partner Nancy Capistran to help clients navigate through and communicate during worst-case crisis situations. She has successfully managed hundreds of crisis situations with high-profile individuals and companies ranging from Fortune 500s to start-ups. Tara has built strategic partnerships with dozens of trusted advisors and industry experts and can leverage those relationships on demand for her clients. She has co-authored her proprietary Crisis Planning Guidebook for companies that have the staff to execute her blueprint for effective crisis planning and management.

Tara and Nancy share the same vision and philosophy on how crises should be managed and each has specific expertise in managing crisis situations from an internal and external lens. Combined, they offer comprehensive identification and management of crisis situations to minimize impact, maintain corporate reputation, reassure the public, and enable internal teams to continue to do business while effectively navigating the crisis.

Testimonial 1

Before I engaged Tara’s services, there were a handful of stories written about our 100-year old family business, but nothing that lived up to the hard-earned reputation we had in our industry. Within the first year, we were featured in The Wall Street Journal, received significant local and trade publication coverage and last fall, our operations were covered on Channel 5’s Made in Massachusetts series. Her writing skills are exceptional, and her crisis training has been invaluable to us, especially now. But what impresses me most of all, is that she’s always available to help – whether it’s crafting story ideas, communicating to our team or marketing our products in a 100-degree heatwave alongside us, she has become part of Catania Oils’ extended family.

– Joseph Basile, President of Catania Oils

Testimonial 4

“Tara and her team helped my company double its revenue in under two years with creative and effective PR that generated $1 million in federal grants to enable us to continue to deliver our cutting edge technology. I’m a huge fan.”

– Tom Root, former CEO of Optim, Inc.

Testimonial 2

Tara Goodwin has no peer in public relations. She is an outstanding advisor, strategic partner, and business-savvy coach to her clients. She understands as well as anyone in the field how to raise your profile, position your company, and make you a star in your industry. As a veteran public relations leader, she brings decades of media relationships and experience in getting you known as an expert. Her pitches land interviews and get your thought leadership top placements. With her help, I’ve been successful in getting interviews with top media including the Today Show, The Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, and many more. When you put Tara on your team, you have in one person the entire “big firm” PR package. She’s a dynamo who never stops working for her clients – combining her creative approach with the ability to execute flawlessly. In a business where it is hard to measure results, Tara delivers. Perhaps most compelling, Tara is a consummate professional with a heart. She listens, guides, and mentors. Whatever your goals in public relations, you will never find a better partner than Tara Goodwin.”

– Suzanne Bates, CEO of Bates Communications

Testimonial 5

“A catastrophic accident happened in the City of Boston with one of our trucks several years ago. A first responder went on television and said that the vehicle was last serviced at my company’s shop. Tara was my first call. She worked quickly with my team to get all the facts and while it was true that the truck was last serviced by us, the accident was caused by a brake failure. Our company does not service brakes on any vehicle that we sell. Tara set up more than 30 media interviews and wrote statements for me so that we could get our response out quickly. Years later, five companies were sued as a result of that accident but our company was not among them. She saved us millions of dollars by her strategic, rapid response.”

– Tim O., CEO, Truck Manufacturing Company 

Testimonial 3

“I hired Tara nearly a decade ago when we first started our real estate company, Benoit Mizner Simon & Co. A trusted advisor who was with us every step of the way from start-up to the acquisition, Tara helped elevate our brand by consistently showcasing our experience, market knowledge, and competitive advantage through a variety of mediums. Whether preparing us for interviews, orchestrating special events, or cheering us on for our many awards, several of which she helped us win, Tara’s drive, dedication, and creativity is unmatched and appreciated.”

– Debi Benoit, former principal of Benoit, Mizner, Simon & Co. and Senior Vice-President, Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty


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