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Crisis Communication & Support in Boston, MA

Planning and preparing pre-crisis materials; Navigating the minefields of effective communication during a crisis.

Finding yourself in the middle of a crisis is an occasion no professional wants to experience; nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be prepared should the time come. Neglecting crisis management could be your biggest mistake – improper management of an unfortunate event can quickly lead to widespread antagonism and negative media attention towards your company and, in extreme cases, to permanently closed doors.

Having a well-made and specific crisis plan can prevent the worst from occurring. Crisis preparedness allows business leaders to keep a clear mind during dark times and focus on navigating their company through to the other side rather than scrambling to communicate effectively with employees and media. 

Effective communication during a crisis is the single most important tactic to ensure that your company successfully emerges. Crisis communication requires a delicate and knowing hand to navigate through its many minefields; tactless attempts at communication are fodder for negative attention and propel companies towards permanent closure.

As one of the most widely recognized and passionate crisis preparedness professionals in the area, the Goodwin team has ample experience in creating and preparing pre-crisis materials as well as successfully leading companies through the minefields of effective crisis communication. There’s no denying that crises are one of the worst circumstances a company can face; nevertheless, it’s better to be prepared for the worst than for the worst to arrive unexpectedly and devastate your company.

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