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Corporate, Client & Internal Communications in Boston, MA

One of the most important, and sometimes overlooked champions of your brand are the people who show up to work every day. Employees are often the first point of contact with your clients and customers and can be your best asset or, if not cared for, your worst nightmare. How many times have you seen disgruntled employees taking to social media or posting on websites like Glassdoor?

 Today’s hybrid workforce makes communications even more challenging. How can you ensure the consistency of your messages when not everyone receives those messages the same way and at the same time? 

Whether you’re daunted by the idea of creating a communications plan or you don’t know how to improve your existing strategy, letting it fall to the backburner is costing your company. 

The Goodwin Consulting team can evaluate your existing communications strategy and help create tailored and effective employee communications that resonate with all employees to drive performance and improved results.

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Tara is passionate about her clients, her work, and the value she brings to every engagement. She works with both nonprofit and for-profit companies in a variety of industries. Interested in working with Tara? Please contact her at for a free consultation.