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Goodwin Consulting is located in Boston and Walpole and provides social media marketing and engagement services throughout Massachusetts and New England. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!

Influencer Marketing & Social Media Strategy Services in Boston, MA

Activating client audiences through social media storytelling. Engaging influencers and celebrities to amplify the brand story, improve visibility, and engage donors.

Embracing the latest technologies is a must in today’s speed of life and social media is a driving force mobilizing clients, employees, and stakeholders to get on board with your brand. With the variety of platforms available and millions of accounts waiting to be reached, social media is arguably the most versatile and wide-reaching platform for impactful PR. But taking advantage of this daunting opportunity to promote your business is a sticking point for many companies. What we see as a nearly never-ending opportunity for engagement and traction is often a source of confusion or frustration for our clients! The Goodwin Consulting team is prepared and happy to relieve you of that burden.

Social media marketing is vital to effective PR in our contemporary society defined by technology. The Goodwin team harnesses the opportunities presented by various media platforms to engage influencers and celebrities to amplify your brand story and improve visibility for your company through posts designed to catch attention. Social media is also a powerful tool to engage donors. 

We understand that every media platform offers a different opportunity for client engagement. LinkedIn is the place to amplify your professional achievements through articles and updates, while Instagram has a visual and entertainment appeal that caters to creativity. Facebook appeals to people of all ages…we could go on. The point is, that we know the ins and outs of social media, and we know exactly how to harness its immense power for the benefit of your company. 

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Tara is passionate about her clients, her work, and the value she brings to every engagement. She works with both nonprofit and for-profit companies in a variety of industries. Interested in working with Tara? Please contact her at for a free consultation.