Welcome to Goodwin Consulting

May 4, 2020News

Welcome to Goodwin Consulting

For most of us, the way we walked into this pandemic will not be the way we emerge from it. When I hit the pause button almost two months ago and entered quarantine, I was running a five-person PR agency with a solid book of business. Having 20 years as an entrepreneur under my belt and navigating two previous recessions, I wasn’t overly worried figuring that as soon as the curve flattened, we would all get back to business as usual.

As weeks went by and quarantine measures were extended, uncertainty in everything became routine. The words “be well and stay healthy” accompany every email or telephone sign-off and you shake your head thinking you are playing a role in this movie but this time, it’s real life. A trip to the grocery store is an anxiety-inducing, exhausting experience. Personal and professional questions fire through my brain during odd hours of the night. “Will my son be able to graduate on stage with his friends? Will college be open in the fall? How long before I can sit in my 82-year old mother’s house for a cup of tea and give her a hug? How are my loved ones, friends, and clients coping with their own “new normal” – a term that I’ve come to loathe?”

We were in the middle of an agency rebrand when COVID-19 hit. A month into the pandemic, I got a call from the president of my company. After nearly 20 years, she decided to accept another position – words I never imagined that I would hear. While I took a few days to process the news, I came to the realization that despite the frustration and uncertainty that the COVID-19 crisis has wrought, one of the gifts it has brought is the opportunity to reimagine your life in a different form.

Welcome to Goodwin Consulting – a rebrand two decades in the making that embodies what matters most – who I am, all that I’ve learned, and what I am able to accomplish for my clients guided by Integrity, Accountability, Hard Work, Creativity and Growth.

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In the meantime, may you discover unexpected joys every day as you continue your personal and professional journey!

Tara Goodwin, Founder