The Best AI Tools for Content Creation

Feb 16, 2024Strategy

As a PR professional and an avid follower of technological trends, I’ve been closely tracking the evolution of AI tools that promise to revolutionize the way we work. From content creation to crisis management to social media strategy, AI is changing the way businesses and individuals achieve efficiency and productivity.

Here’s a look at some of the AI tools that are quickly becoming invaluable assets in the Goodwin Consulting team’s digital toolkit.


1. ChatGPT: The Game-Changer

The revolutionary ChatGPT chatbot is changing the way content creators work!


Working with ChatGPT

In my public relations work and crisis management training, I leverage ChatGPT for generating outlines, drafting templates, and brainstorming ideas. You may also benefit from using ChatGPT for tasks such as these:

  • Creating compelling blog post titles
  • Turning long-form content into short social media posts
  • Discovering articles with specific themes
  • Generating concept visuals for a presentation

Recently, I used ChatGPT to create an outline for an upcoming crisis management workshop. I told the chatbot what I needed, and within seconds, the AI provided a professional outline, which I then customized with my proprietary content.


Experiencing ChatGPT

During a crisis management session, I pulled up ChatGPT to demonstrate how AI can assist with strategy development. As I typed prompts into ChatGPT, the chatbot rapidly responded with the kinds of recommendations and guidance that I, myself, regularly provide.

How was an AI able to replicate my training approach with near-perfect accuracy?

  1. The core elements of my crisis management content are publicly accessible online
  2. The basics of crisis management training are fairly well-standardized
  3. As a crisis management trainer, I knew which prompts to use to elicit correct responses

That last statement is key. ChatGPT provided good output because it first received good input. Garbage in equals garbage out!


The limitations of ChatGPT

Interacting with ChatGPT often feels like interacting with a human, but it’s important to remember that AI is not independently intelligent. The chatbot can only repurpose what’s already been created, from visuals to written content. Furthermore, ChatGPT is known for “inventing” (incorrectly interpreting) information that isn’t readily clear or plentiful online. Users should always verify information generated by ChatGPT.

Also note that the legal landscape around AI is evolving, as highlighted by the New York Times’ lawsuit against OpenAI. This case underscores the importance of navigating copyright issues and other legal considerations when integrating AI into our work.


My take on ChatGPT

ChatGPT cannot match the creativity or authenticity of human writers, but it’s an exceptional tool for streamlining content creation and adding value for my PR clients.


How much does ChatGPT cost?

As of this writing (January 2024), OpenAI offers two versions of its prompt-based AI:

  • GPT-3.5 is free to use and designed for everyday tasks
  • GPT-4 costs $20/month and includes text-to-image capabilities and browsing and analysis abilities

I’ve found the paid version of ChatGPT to be much more robust than the free version, so if you’re planning to use this AI model for your business, you’d be wise to subscribe.


2. AI Tools for Video Generation and Storyboarding

Fliki, HeyGen, and CapCut streamline video generation and storyboarding, allowing users to invest more energy into strategy and spend less time on tedious tasks.


Working with AI video generation

  • Fliki’s text-to-video tool enables you to create stunning videos in four easy steps. Simply input your unique written content, select an AI voiceover, add your own photos and graphics (or let the AI generate these assets for you), and then preview and customize your video presentation!
  • HeyGen’s video generation tool offers a diverse “cast” of AI avatars who can engage, explain, and entertain your audience through customized product, sales, training, and content marketing videos.
  • CapCut’s all-in-one video editor is the TikTok marketer’s dream tool. With user-friendly templates, smart editing options, and over a half-million song selections, making social media videos has never been simpler.


Experiencing video generation tools

Both Fliki and HeyGen enhance your messaging with narrated videos. For instance, you can upload an image of your office, and an AI-generated “spokesperson” will follow your script to the letter.

I particularly like Fliki and HeyGen for pitching video concepts. Showing my public relations clients what their videos could look like is an impactful way to communicate my vision.

If you have a comprehensive photo and video library, CapCut is a top choice for crafting impactful social media content quickly.


The limitations of AI video creation

At Goodwin Consulting, we use AI video tools to aid visualization, not as replacements for custom video production. After all, AI can’t generate stylized cinematography of your facility, team, or products.


My take on AI tools for video production

These tools are delightfully easy to use and add tremendous value to the client experience.


How much do AI video solutions cost?

  • Fliki offers a free version, or you can choose from monthly or annual subscriptions that cost anywhere from $21 to $88/month.
  • HeyGen subscriptions range from free to enterprise, with monthly plans starting at $28/month and annual plans beginning at $24/month.
  • CapCut for Business doesn’t list their prices (you’ll have to contact them), but personal runs from $7.99 to $12.99/month.


3. AI Tools for Image Creation

I’ve test-driven and love Ideogram, Gamma, and Midjourney for instantly generating unique visual content.


Working with image-generation tools

  • Ideogram combines your images and words into uniquely designed visuals. For instance, you can upload a photo of your product, type out your copy, and Ideogram will generate multiple downloadable graphics that you can share on social media or drop into an email newsletter—no design skills required.
  • For generating documents, slide decks, and web pages, Gamma is a surprisingly intuitive tool. You can work from scratch or customize a template, then track content engagement with Gamma’s analytics features.
  • Midjourney is the go-to for Discord users who want to see a cigar-smoking elephant ride a bike along the Champs-Élysées. With this voice-activated AI tool, you can speak your ideas into lifelike visuals.


Experiencing Gamma

Gamma landed on my radar when a Goodwin Consulting PR client urgently needed a PowerPoint presentation for a last-minute meeting— and by “last minute,” I mean “tomorrow!” Gamma guided me through every step, from inputting the company’s strategic details to adding stock photos. Within the hour, my client had an on-brand, cohesive slide deck that exceeded both our expectations for such a tight turnaround.


The limitations of image generation AI

Like all AI tools, these solutions cannot read your mind. You need a clear idea and the ability to communicate that concept in writing. You’ll also discover that some results are less accurate than others. For instance, you’ll want to review your AI image of “a female customer cooking with olive oil” to make sure the software didn’t bless her with an extra arm!


My take on AI image tools

These practical tools are also fun to use! Practice using them before you’re up against a deadline so you can achieve the best results.


How much do these AI visuals tools cost?

  • Ideogram is completely free.
  • Gamma’s robust features can be accessed for free or enhanced by subscribing for as little as $8/month.
  • Midjourney’s monthly plans range from $10 to $120/month, or you can save 20% by paying for a year at a time.


4. AI Tools for SEO: Search Engine Optimization

You don’t need an in-house SEO expert to leverage SEO for your business. MarketMuse and SEO Writing are cutting-edge search engine optimization tools that make SEO accessible to every business.


Working with AI tools for SEO

Use SEO Writing to generate SEO-optimized articles, blog posts, and media relations content with one click, then turn to MarketMuse to analyze your entire website and develop a content strategy that boosts your presence in search results.


The limitations of AI-managed SEO

Writing with SEO in mind is necessary in the content marketing era, but SEO alone won’t keep your content front and center. Review all AI-generated written content for accuracy, readability, value, and enjoyment. Even the most SEO-optimized article can’t survive if no one wants to read it.

The same concept applies to your website. Tools like MarketMuse can derive hard data, but only a human can reveal the stories behind the numbers. If an AI’s SEO recommendation doesn’t make sense, take the time to dig deeper and ensure the guidance aligns with your goals.


My take on AI-aided SEO

AI tools for SEO are especially beneficial to companies with minimal SEO knowledge or resources. Consider leveraging the power of AI to become SEO savvy and propel your search results upward without spending a fortune on consultants and advertising.


How much do SEO-focused AI tools cost?

  • SEO Writing offers a free plan as well as a $19/month subscription. Save 35% when you switch to annual billing.
  • MarketMuse is free to try, then $149/month or more, depending on the size of your team.


Finding the Balance Between AI and Human Authenticity

Despite AI’s impressive capabilities, it cannot replicate the authenticity and transparency humans bring to the table—because AI isn’t human! Human intuition and judgment are imperative when using AI tools; without them, you’re at risk of losing that intangible magic that only a real, live person can infuse into your content.

So go ahead and experiment with AI solutions for everything from writing to video and image generation to search engine optimization. Just don’t forget that while AI can help you save time and streamline your processes, the creativity and insight of the human mind remain irreplaceable.

What AI tools have you used? What impact have they had on your productivity and creativity?