Blog Roundup: A Deep Dive into Crisis Management

Mar 20, 2023Press

We see examples every day: companies hit with crises that demand quick, intentional public relations responses.

Successful crisis management requires planning and preparation well before an issue arises. Worryingly, The Conference Board’s C-Suite Outlook 2023 reports that most CEOs don’t believe their companies are equipped to handle a major crisis. 

At Goodwin Consulting, my team prepares companies like yours for crises both large and small. Now is the time to jumpstart your communications strategy for whatever challenges may lurk over the horizon!

Dig into five of our most popular feature articles about crisis management preparedness that truly works.


1. The Key to Crisis Management: Don’t Go It Alone

Most businesses wait to assemble a crisis team until something catastrophic happens—but this approach couldn’t be more backward. Having a solid team ready to jump into action at any given moment is the best way to protect your company from a full-blown disaster. 



2. Avoid the Mistake Chain to Prevent a Full-Blown PR Crisis

What if I told you that most PR crises begin as minor issues that spiral wildly out of control? This concept may be unnerving, but it’s no reason to panic. Business leaders and organizations often have the power to prevent a full-blown crisis. The key is taking action ASAP. 



3. The Best Tool in Crisis Communication Is Accountability

Taking accountability for a negative outcome is easier said than done. However, as my PR and crisis management experience has taught me, it’s crucial to building trust and maintaining good relationships. 



4. You Might Be Vulnerable to a PR Crisis, but You Aren’t Alone

If you’re a public figure or otherwise highly visible asset to your business, a personal misstep can quickly escalate into a public relations nightmare. No one ever thinks the worst-case scenario will happen to them…but what if it does? If you aren’t careful, unforeseen events can cost you everything you’ve worked toward. 

So how do you navigate your own vulnerabilities—both personally and professionally—to prevent a problem from becoming a full-blown crisis?



5. A PR Analysis of the Slap Heard around the World

As a PR professional who works with celebrity clients and has significant crisis management experience, I sympathized with Will Smith’s publicist as I watched Smith slap Chris Rock across the face live on stage during the Oscars. 

Watching it unfold, I instantly felt a pit in my stomach and knew that my PR colleagues across the globe were feeling the same unease. 

Celebrity PR professionals are well-trained to respond to crises, but they can’t do it in a vacuum. They need willing, humble, and cooperative clients to listen to their advice and respond quickly and appropriately. I knew the next few days and weeks would be incredibly challenging for Smith’s publicity team.



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