Great Publicity Starts with Media Training

Sep 21, 2023Strategy

CEOs and business owners often don’t think about media training until faced with a publicity opportunity, but that’s the wrong approach. Media training should be an ongoing part of your public relations process so that when an opportunity arises, you’re not merely willing but truly ready.

Goodwin Consulting’s media training gives our clients the confidence to handle anything an interviewer throws their way.


Media Training Prepares You for Even the Toughest Topics

One Goodwin Consulting client recently experienced the value of media training—particularly when it comes to speaking about complex or controversial topics.

We prepared a nonprofit healthcare client for a 15-minute interview with WBUR-FM centered on the topic of reproductive rights and abortion access for lower-income individuals in Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape & Islands.

Keep reading to see how media training prepared our client for success.


Talking points inspire confidence and purpose

Goodwin’s media relations training guides you to focus on two or three key points you know you want to address. Then, with those key points in mind, you’ll also learn to tackle other topics journalists might want to ask about.

We worked intently to ensure our nonprofit healthcare client was well-messaged on the three key points she wanted to address. And when the interviewer asked a pointed question about recent court rulings—a topic that wasn’t one of her key points—she was prepared to answer it because our training prepared her for it.

Our client handled the question expertly. She knew the latest legislative actions and what they meant for Massachusetts; she also knew Governor Healy’s stance on the issue. Most importantly, she was adept at bridging back to her predetermined points.


The bridging technique keeps every interview on-topic

Media training includes a technique called bridging, which enables you to keep an interview focused and on track, no matter what questions the interviewer asks.

We prepared our healthcare client to handle questions about unfamiliar