Good Wins: 2022 in Review

Nov 29, 2022Events, Press

Goodwin Consulting clients celebrated many successes in 2022, with powerful PR initiatives boosting brand awareness across Boston and beyond. Here’s a look at some of our year’s biggest wins for companies of all shapes and sizes.


One Week, Two National Publications

I’m a vocal proponent of leveraging unique marketing angles rather than endlessly boasting about your company’s greatness, and Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group took my advice to heart. 

Two national publications featured the company in one week, making for a fantastic media relations win.

When Sentinel discovered that a high-level employee had been manipulating the remote work environment to work a separate full-time position, I identified an opportunity for Sentinel’s CEO to discuss quiet quitting and the risks of remote work. While this may have seemed to be a risky strategy, the CEO’s messaging was brilliant. The article appeared on and was seen by a nationwide audience of more than 6.1 million unique viewers per month.

Next, to leverage CFO’s 14.1 million unique monthly views, Sentinel partner Rob DiMase wrote a piece about the challenges of talent acquisition in a recession.

Our strategy

These low-investment, high-return engagements elevated Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group’s online presence and enhanced the company’s brand visibility to audiences that might use their services. Byline articles, in particular, serve to highlight a company’s thought leadership and position them as a trusted industry partner.

Two national hits in a week are exciting, but getting there didn’t happen overnight. Anticipate weeks and months of preparation and planning as your team identifies what your audience is interested in reading and how to get that message in front of them.


2022 Awards

When it comes to applying for and securing awards for clients, it’s important to be sure that the award is the right fit for the company/candidate. We review the criteria to ensure it’s a fit and that we will have strong, competitive answers to every question. 

Many businesses neglect to submit award entries because the process can be time-consuming, but the recognition and bragging rights earned through winning an award are extremely valuable. 

In 2022, Goodwin Consulting helped secure several high-impact awards for our clients, most notably:


Global Thought Leadership 

Acorn International conducts environmental impact assessments and surveys for large oil and gas companies expanding their operations around the world. 

Community groups have many concerns about this type of work in their backyard, so Goodwin Consulting developed a targeted campaign announcing Acorn International’s selection as the survey/environmental partner chosen specifically by ExxonMobil for its fifth pipeline project in Guyana, highlighting the deep bench strength of the company. 

Along with securing positive trade magazine coverage throughout Ghana and the US, we landed a podcast interview on a top oil and gas industry podcast that, based on the CEO’s knowledge, has led to a podcast series that will boost the company’s visibility and potentially lead to new partnerships or business relationships.

Our goal at Goodwin Consulting was to get Acorn International on the map. With no prior publicity, the organization has endless opportunities to emerge as a thought leader with a positive impact in a highly controversial space.


The Message Is the Medium

Like all nonprofit organizations, Health Imperatives provides critical services to underserved populations but must work tirelessly to secure funding for their programming.

Health Imperatives delivers health and wellness services throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and the Cape & Islands. Their teams address some of society’s most pressing issues, including human trafficking, LGBTQ+ community needs, domestic violence, food insecurity, and the widening wealth gap. 

Goodwin Consulting’s twofold approach involves increasing the organization’s visibility within the community as well as with potential financial and program partners.

Our work has helped the CEO hone her messaging for disparate audiences. She has had two Letters to the Editor published in The Boston Globe, been interviewed for the Globe‘s coverage on the lack of abortion access on the Cape & Islands, run a successful open house for the Brockton community covered by local media, and recently hired a Chief Development Officer whose announcement has appeared in several online, local, and trade publications.


More Good Wins with Big Impact

It would be impossible to cover every Goodwin Consulting client’s 2022 success story, but these strategic PR achievements can’t be overlooked!

Advancing an acquisition

In early fall, we helped announce and promote the acquisition of longtime client SI2 Technologies (SI2) by Antenna Research Associates (ARA). Our team is continuing to promote the company’s exciting growth. As we move into 2023, we are collaborating with ARA and SI2 to help them promote their newest offerings to expand their reach into the military defense market.

Real estate promotion

Luxury real estate broker Debi Benoit has been a client for many years until her company, Benoit Mizner Simon & Co., was acquired by Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty. Earlier this summer, she leaned into our PR consulting expertise to leverage high-end property promotions in Boston Common magazine and Boston Business Journal for her executive properties. 

Her 15-year run as the #1 broker in the Wellesley market includes over $2 billion in total career sales, which we seek to leverage continuously through insightful PR consulting and ongoing media relations outreach.

We are also in the process of planning a jaw-dropping event for her in January 2023 that we know will score a home run with her top clients.

Setting the stage

Georgia-based ProtectED Rooms chose Goodwin Consulting to help them enter the northeast market with their innovative bullet-resistant bookcases. 

Created by Special Operations Combat Breacher Pete Facchini, ProtectEd Rooms manufactures bullet-resistant security products to help protect people from violent events, including active shooters and civil unrest in places such as schools, hospitals, workplaces, government buildings, places of worship, retail stores, and other gathering spaces.

The bookcase serves as a physical barricade, ballistic barrier, and psychological deterrent. We just scored ProtectED Rooms’ first East Coast interview with The Boston Business Journal, with more to follow.

Going global

Doc Wayne Youth Services has been with Goodwin Consulting for the past several years. Their award-winning work has garnered national attention and partnerships with ESPN and Rexona (the makers of Degree antiperspirants), as well as a nod from Fast Company in its “World Changing Ideas” issue, scoring an honorable mention. 

Doc Wayne’s goal is to destigmatize mental health support and expand training services through its Champions Network—training that makes sport-based mental health services accessible to youth across the globe and empowers organizations, clinicians, sports coaches, teachers, and other youth development professionals to utilize sports in a therapeutic manner. Trained clinicians serve as “coaches” and work in public (schools) or private settings (therapy offices) that are retrofitted for sports.

We have secured a number of significant local, national, and trade publication hits for Doc Wayne, including, most recently, a pre-Thanksgiving feature story on FOX25 that ran on all of the station’s news segments that day.  

An edible expansion

Providing “authenticity in every drop,” Catania Oils has been producing premium-quality edible oils for over 100 years. For seven of those years, Goodwin Consulting has developed awareness campaigns featuring the brand’s product range and non-GMO cooking solutions, leveraging CEO-driven thought leadership content on topics ranging from supply chain challenges to food fraud issues.  

This year’s most significant event was the planning and execution of Catania Oils’ 50,000-square-foot warehouse expansion, along with Lt. Governor Karyn Polito, state legislators, and a next-day feature article in the Lowell Sun

In addition to the “Manufacturer of the Year” award we helped secure earlier in the year, we recently learned that Catania Oils is a finalist for the 2023 Massachusetts Economic Impact Awards, which we applied for this summer. Winners will be selected in the spring of 2023, so fingers crossed!


Good Wins Couldn’t Happen without Great Clients 

From published letters to the editor to national publication spots, I’m immensely proud of the work Goodwin Consulting has accomplished for our clients in 2022. 

We’ve delivered—and often over-delivered—on our goals, and I couldn’t be prouder of every single one of our team members—a HUGE thank you to Heidi Boie, Andrea DelPozzo, Hannah Kunze, Meghan Malloy, Shelly Senai, and our clients who embraced agility and worked tirelessly to help us win for them. We are thankful for all of you!

Wins like the ones we earned in 2022 take time, effort, and planning. If you haven’t begun planning your 2023 PR calendar, it’s time to give me a call. The upcoming year’s editorial calendars are being developed now. Let’s discuss how to get your brand or business some good wins!