Start Preparing for 2023’s PR Wins Today

Sep 9, 2022News

As we enter the final quarter of the year, business leaders everywhere are beginning to strategize for 2023. I’m here to remind you that this proactive thinking is not complete without PR planning! All too often, companies default to reactive PR efforts, but a proactive PR strategy always yields optimal results. 

The best time to plan for next year’s PR wins is. . . right now!


PR Initiatives to Begin Planning 

Staying ahead of the curve is critical in today’s fast-paced business landscape. If you aren’t mapping out next year’s PR efforts, I can guarantee that your competitors are. Don’t let yourself fall behind.

You may be thinking that PR is most effective when it’s authentic and timely—and you’re certainly not wrong. But there are still plenty of ways to plan ahead for PR success. Here are a few examples: 


Editorial planning 

Most publications repeat the same features year after year—particularly trade publications. A PR consulting firm can shed light on what to expect from these publications’ editorial calendars. 

This predictability enables you to perfect your pitches and prepare for features well in advance so you can target busy reporters with detailed submissions as early as possible. 


Event planning 

A number of clients have come to me in the past, hoping to execute an event the very next month. While I’ve found a way to work with just about any timeline, I will tell you that the quality of an event is infinitely better with about six months of planning. 

Tight timelines limit your budget and put unnecessary constraints on almost every aspect of the planning process. And ongoing supply chain uncertainty adds another layer of complexity. Equipment rentals and other event must-haves are in short supply and reserved far in advance. If you don’t act early enough, you could miss out. 



Many companies are working on their budgets for 2023, and having a concrete idea of how PR fits into those budgets is important. PR agencies are booking up quickly these days; knowing how much money you can allocate to which goals will help you secure the support you need. 

Like many PR professionals, I keep a list of my clients’ goals and initiatives for the coming year and use it to determine our resources and bandwidth. When clients have a clear budget, it’s easier for us to agree on what our partnership can look like.


How Goodwin Consulting Is Helping Our Clients Prepare for 2023

I always encourage clients to start thinking about their objectives for the next year around this time, even if we aren’t in the execution stage for any particular goal just yet. 

We begin scanning editorial calendars for themes, features, and awards to ensure our clients are ready for success. This year, we secured several awards for our clients: 

We’re also waiting on decisions for Top 100 Women-Led Businesses and the BBJ’s Women Who Mean Business awards, so we are keeping our fingers crossed! 

There are many seeds we’re planting for PR success in 2023 at this very moment. We’re planning a series of grand openings across Massachusetts for one client. For another, we’re keeping an eye on future legislation and state budget allocations to develop strategies for response based on outcomes.

With numerous opportunities to stay ahead of the PR curve, now is the time to start preparing if you’re hoping to amp up your PR game for 2023. Get in touch with me today to plan your year of PR wins!