PR Is Heating up This Summer

Jul 14, 2022Events

Recently, I joined 130 of my colleagues in Phoenix, Arizona, for the Public Relations Society of America’s (PRSA) Counselors Academy. This conference connects PR agency owners of all sizes, from smaller consultancies to firms with hundreds of employees. 

As we caught up with one another, I noticed signs of a clear trend: since May, business has been booming for PR consulting firms across the country.

Companies from various industries are requesting PR services at an exceedingly high rate. Why is this increase happening, and how does it affect your organization? 


Why Is There a PR Boom and What Does It Mean for Your Business?

The news cycle churns at a faster rate than ever before. Businesses that previously put off marketing and PR efforts can no longer afford to cut corners in these areas. According to DesignRush, PR budgets either stayed the same or increased in 2021, resulting in more publicity initiatives in 2022. 

But there’s more driving the current PR boom than expanding budgets. Audiences are increasingly demanding authenticity from their favorite brands. While there’s a misconception that traditional news media doesn’t hold weight with consumers, the fact is that media relations engagements are still one of the most effective ways to amp up a company’s publicity. 

So what does the uptick in PR demand across industries mean for your business? Here are a few considerations for your next PR consulting engagement: 

Be selective

With so many businesses seeking PR support, PR consulting firms are booking up quickly. In fact, if you reach out to a firm that isn’t busy, it might be a sign that they aren’t capable of delivering the results you want. 

Be sure to reach out to firms well in advance of when you would like to start a PR engagement, and be discerning when choosing who to work with. 

Be clear

When contacting a PR firm, be crystal clear about your objectives. The more intentional and specific you are, the easier it will be for a busy PR professional to jump in and get started. 

We begin all of our engagements with a PR Messaging Workshop. The purpose of this 90-minute session is to tease out core messages for target audiences, discuss wish list media, review what’s coming up in the client’s pipeline that may be PR-worthy, and help us create the framework for success.

Think ahead

PR professionals typically use the summer months to plan for holiday and end-of-the-year events, so if you’re reaching out in June for support with an event in July, you may struggle to get the help you need. 

I advise clients to plan ahead by months, not weeks. Securing a PR professional early in your planning process will ensure adequate time to ramp up your publicity efforts and, ultimately, reach your goals. In the event that you do need PR support immediately, know that there are no quick fixes and that sustainable, lasting success takes time to achieve. 

Consider your competition

Even if you haven’t made PR a budgetary priority yet, chances are your competitors have. The current PR boom isn’t industry-specific; it’s being driven by industries across the board—from nonprofits and B2B consulting firms to educators and manufacturers. 

Everybody is interested in getting their message out. With so many companies upping their PR game, don’t let yours get left behind. 

If you’re ready to make PR a priority for your company, get in touch with me today.