A Good Win for Antenna Research Associates

Jun 12, 2023News

Defense contractor Antenna Research Associates (ARA) finalized an exciting new acquisition shortly before reaching out to Goodwin Consulting for help on a critical next step: updating its website.

Websites today are as ubiquitous as business cards were in the 1980s. But while all that stood between a business and its cards was a logo and some card stock, building an effective website requires significantly more strategy and skill.

How did ARA know our team could deliver? We had a stellar referral from the CEO of SI2 Technologies, a longtime client of ours that just happened to be ARA’s second (and latest) acquisition! It also helped that we led the efforts for SI2’s website overhaul five years earlier.

Here, we’ll take a look at ARA’s website goals and challenges, explore how Goodwin guided its strategy, and outline what your company should keep in mind when the time comes to tackle a website overhaul. 


The Project: Cohesive Website Content for Antenna Research Associates

When we began work with ARA, its web designers had built out modern wireframes with key design elements, but the site needed content. And with two fresh acquisitions housed under its brand, ARA knew it needed to align all three entities with cohesive messaging


The biggest challenge: connecting the dots

Three unaffiliated companies. Three different value propositions. Three unique sales approaches.

Each of ARA’s acquired companies was already solidly established with distinct yet complementary defense-focused products, from powerful technologies to custom tangible goods.

Our task at Goodwin was to bring these brands together under one figurative roof, retaining their singularity while integrating their purpose—the way one house has multiple rooms.

The ARA team was still learning its newly interwoven landscape when Goodwin Consulting joined the conversation, and we immediately began learning alongside them. This deep dive into such a complex and expansive industry served as an excellent introduction to ARA and a wonderful first step in our relationship!


The end result: clear and connected

Collaborating closely with ARA’s web designers, Goodwin Consulting developed a customer-centric website strategy that elevated ARA’s marketing presence to the level of its impressive product array.

The relaunched website for Antenna Research Associates delivers a seamless user experience with compelling visuals, exacting copy, and intuitive navigation.

Image of the new Antenna Research homepage


Every Website Has a Voice. What Is Yours Saying about Your Brand?

Your company’s website is its 24/7 public relations pitch. From the way it looks to the way it works, this online destination tells customers and competitors who you are, what you do, and how well you do it.

A simple typo says you aren’t attentive to details. A broken link says you leave projects unfinished. A substandard photo says you don’t care about quality.

If those things are not true—if you are detail-oriented, if you do finish projects, if you do prioritize quality—don’t let your website spread lies about your business!

“Good enough” is NOT good enough. You need to keep your website current, relevant, usable, and as exceptional as the products and services you sell. 


Ready to relaunch your website? Start here:

  • Get inspired. You won’t get what you want unless you know what you want. Invest some time into identifying websites you like. Take notes on why you like certain sites, and think about elements that would resonate with your clientele. 
  • Set a realistic timeline. Website projects commonly take six months to a year to complete. Quick improvements may be possible in the meantime, but don’t settle for the fast fix. Your business deserves a thoughtfully developed website! 
  • Select the right web designers. Whether you’re building your website in-house or outsourcing it to a partner, you’ll need an experienced team you enjoy working with. Great websites come from great collaboration! 
  • Choose your naysayers. Get input early, often, and from a wide range of people. However, it’s important to select a very small team for any final decisions. If you try to please everyone, your website will never see the light of day. 
  • Create clear copy. Don’t pack so much technical information and industry jargon into your website copy that potential customers can’t understand what they’re reading! Your website content should communicate your value proposition without confusing the audience. 
  • Make every page matter. Don’t add content for content’s sake. Every aspect of your website should contribute meaningfully to your company’s overarching purpose. A brilliantly built but simple site will always have more impact than a “big” website that lacks focus and intention. 


Here’s How a Public Relations Pro Can Help

As experts in PR engagement, my team and I are uniquely positioned to help businesses define a website strategy, refine their messaging, and achieve high-impact content that supports their purpose.

Goodwin Consulting is here to help you launch a website that works. Get in touch to learn more!